About Special Economic Zone

Any economic activities require appropriate infrastructures, factors and special facilities, therefore related economical activities are possible and reasonable according to shipbuilding and offshore industries and also the situation of the Special Economic Zone of Persian Gulf.
Thus, the goals of this zone are management, development of services, industrial and economical activities in shipbuilding & marine structures, encourage domestic and foreign investors in order to invest in factories and transfer modern technologies to the country.

Special Economic Zone at a glance

Special Economic Zone has been established in area with 1100 hectare land in 37km from West of Bandar Abbas and in Persian Gulf shore. This region has been established considering the natural, geographical location as well as profiting stilling basin in 380 hectare and consuming especial zone legal facilities in order to develop industry and trading in shipbuilding area, offshore industries, marine structures and also basic industries and establishment of related factories to shipbuilding and national, regional, social, economical benefits provisions and utilizing the latest related technologies to employment enhancement.

According to the geographical view, this region has access to international waters by Persian Gulf and most parts of the world through land roads and rail road and aerial lines to and by Bandar Abbas, this region is considered as strategic gorge because of its proximity to Shahid-Rajaee and Shahid-Bahonar ports where the most imports and exports of country are performed and can support so much in repairing and constructing different vessels considering annual transition of thousands of vessels in Persian Gulf.