Gas platform 14B loaded at ISOICO

Platform 14B was loaded out at ISOICO yard of Bandar Abbas to transfer to its location. As scheduled, SPD 14B was sent to its location by carrier vessel on June, 11, 2019.

It is worth mentioning that offshore facilities of phase 14 include 4 platforms (two main and two satellite platforms). SPD14B is the second main platform of this project.

South pars development plan phase 14 aims to daily extract 56.6 mcm of rich gas from the shared tank by means of 4 platforms located in 105 km from Kangan city. The gas is transferred to onshore facilities and converted to 50 mcm of sweet gas, 75000 barrels of gas condensate, 400 tons of sulfur, one million tons of ethane, one million tons of LPG.